Why Choose Us?

In the world today we all carry the world around with us in our pockets. The opportunities to find what you need anywhere in the world have never been better. So why choose us? because we know and and understand that you don't have to. We pride ourselves in providing an experience, and offering services that no longer exist in the world today. Bring your horse along shopping, try each and every one of our saddles on your horse. Take them out into the large outdoor pen, or or small indoor working ring to give the saddle a real test. If you are unable to get your horse to our location, come on in leave a deposit, and take a saddle for a 7 day trial. (Terms and Conditions Apply). Come into the store to chat and try to solve problems you are having. We ride horses too, we have found many ways to do things that do not work. When we don't know, we will take the tack put it on our horses and figure it out. We don't pretend to know, we will tell you when we don't. 

Why choose us? We are doing everything we can to support local clubs, organizations, and the overall awareness of the Cowboy way and the Western Lifestyle here in Ontario. When shopping at The Sliding Stop Tack Shop, you are not just supporting us, you are supporting every, Cowboy, Cowgirl, and person with a dream. 

About Us

Malcolm Frey


The Sliding Stop Tack Shop started approx 9 yrs ago for me. When my oldest came home from a horseback riding at a birthday party. So we got 1 horse, then 2, then there were 7. This led to boarding horses on our farm where the store is now located. 7 yrs later while camping with our horses at the Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area, we took our first trip to Ionson Saddlery. Through the course of our conversation Roy mentioned that although they didn't want to, if the right person came along they would sell the business. So I took a saddle with me to try, and thoroughly loved it. The next day we went back, told Roy that we would take the saddle and also asked how much he wanted for the business. That started the journey to The Sliding Stop Tack Shop for me. It is my wish to keep the atmosphere of the original Ionson Saddlery alive, even though the name has changed, and it is in a new location, I am just continuing what "The King Of The Cowboys" started. 



1332 New Jerusalem Rd. Waterloo ON N2j 4G8

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